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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  December 14, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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pill mills. we show you how shockingly easy it is to get prescriptions for the most powerful drugs and sometimes deadly results. and that is what's making news in america this morning. >> get more later on "good morning america." or anytime at >> have a great tuesday, everybody. >> straight ahead, this half-hour, bitter cold temperatures and winds. >> good morning, washington. it is tuesday. >> great to have you along with us on this tuesday morning. we have an alert for you. the weather is causing some delays this morning. let's check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we're going to check in with lisa in just a moment but first here is meteorologist adam caskey.
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a little bit surprised to wake up to snow this morning. >> we talked about it yesterday. we're still in the weather pattern. a dusting here and there. we'll see that through today and even again possibly tonight. first of all, a wind advisory. very gusty outside. we could see some wind gusts upwards of 45-50-mile-per-hour. that's why we have a wind advisory until 10:00 p.m. tonight. the morning, even midday, we will see some wind chills down to five to 10 below. also, montgomery, prince george's, anne arundel , a winter weather advisory in effect until 10:00 a.m.. don't be surprised if you venture out this morning and you see a light little coating, maybe a dusting on some of the
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side streets. a snowshower along 270. today will be a lot like yesterday. a few degrees cooler, temperatures in the upper 30's. thursday we could see a few showers. the best we'll do tem-wise, friday and saturday at 41. >> i was talking about that movie with vin diesel and he played a babysitter and he was driving a van and the little girl jumps out of the van and kisses the ground. that's how i felt when i got to work today because i just didn't expect it. it was a long ride. if you know how the plan, you'll be ok. you have to watch your p's and q's this morning. in maryland, things treacherous. crews are starting to spread
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things around as far as chemicals, but they have a long way to go just to get that chemical down along the portions of the beltway, only two lanes available in some areas. here is a live picture. very dangerous coming up to intersections and taking exits and on-ramps this morning. virginia's side, you look a lot better. i have one camera thanks to geico in virginia to show you what it looks like. maryland, as you saw just a moment ago, that is a whole other story. we'll go back inside. >> lisa, thank you so much. another day of bitterly cold temperatures. >> it is causing some problems. >> how does it look outside in the district? >> well, to talk about the weather here and describe it as cold really does not quite cut it. we're talking about the snow
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perhaps taking some by surprise. let me show you, out on the roads, it is still out here, driving through d.c. this morning, we were certainly taken by surprise at the amount of snow that still lingers on some of the road ways. this sign says that it is 21 degrees. with the wind blowing, it certainly feels much colder than that. certainly people are bundled up trying to battle these bitter, cold temperatures. we are not getting a break from old man winter, yet we are still a week away from the official start of this season. this may take you a little by surprise. we were even slipping and sliding a little bit out on the roadways. use caution for your morning commute and do not forget those hats, scarves and gloves. it is bitterly cold out here
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this morning. >> much of the country is struggling to clean up the mess from this past weekend's winter storm. coming up in just a few minutes, we're going to take a look at how people are dealing with the wind, the snow and the ice. >> richard h.m.o. holbrooke has -- richard holbrook has died. he previously served as ambassador during the clinton administration. he was 69 years old. >> looking ahead to the day ahead, the senate is expecting to get final approval for the bush era tax cuts but it could soon face a major test in the house. president obama praised yesterday's vote to move the bill forward.
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a federal judge in virginia has ruled that part of the health care law is unconstitutional. kenneth cuccinelli argued that it overstepped the constitution and the judge agreed after two other judges upheld the law. turns out r.n.p. chairman mibling steele is running for re-election. he announced his decision last night. he has been criticized for his spending practices. prior to his job, he was maryland's governor. it is now 4:36 and very, very cold 22 degrees. >> still ahead on "good morning washington," a special welcome for the commander in chief. >> plus big problems from that winter blast out west and a dramatic crash is caught on tape. >> first another check on traffic and weather closer to
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home. we're going to be right back. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. it is 4:40, time for a check of traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we're all talking about how surprised we were. i walked out my door this morning and went whoo, when did this happen? >> we talked about it yesterday. yesterday morning we had a
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situation and said you can't rule out flurries or snow showers. tonight we could even have the same thing. of course, it is cold enough where that snow sticks on contact. let's start out with our graphics. let's take a look at doppler radar. frederick county and northwestern montgomery county we had a few little pockets of light snow coming down. maybe between urbana and clarksburg. i wouldn't be surprised if we see a few more areas of snow. it is cold. we're in the teens in the outlying areas. humidity a factor and the wind, it feels like we're in the single digits. wind chills of 3 above in gaithersburg. 2 above in winchester.
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wind advisories until tonight. highs today are near 30. >> it is quiet in virginia as far as the roads. 29 northbound after 17 we have a tractor-trailer broken down. we're in pretty good shape now. it is maryland that we are concerned with because they got hit with this snow that leaves us one lane passable. this is interstate 270. very dangerous. you know how when you take an exit and the sign says 20 miles an hour? today is that day where you have to slow down and be careful. this is georgia avenue traffic. you can see aspen hills. highway crews are out throughout maryland spreading down the chemical. be very, very careful. it is not a lot of snow but just enough to make it so
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slippery and dangerous for us this morning. >> thank you much. doesn't look like much. >> coming up, the end of an era for pro football. brett favre sitting on the
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>> 4:h 4.
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d.c. area is once again under a winter weather advisory this morning. some snow fell overnight and forecasters say more could fall this morning. you will also definitely want to bundle up. temperatures are in the teens and low 20's but the wind will make it feel a lot colder. secretary of state hillary clinton is remembering veteran diplomat richard holbrooke as one of america's fiercest champions and most dedicated public servants. he died last night after undergoing surgery for a torn aorta. a van driver facing charges after a dangerous chase. the 25-year-old was arrested near dulles airport. >> this morning, a closer look at the growing problems caused by this weekend's wild weather
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in the midwest. we have had problems in indiana, ohio and pennsylvania. >> dramatic video showcases the danger caused by this weekend's winter storms. watch as a car loses control on an icy road and slams into a police officer and another man. remark blirks both are ok. in indiana -- remarkably, both are ok. six-foot snow drifts turned roads into parking lots. >> i can't go left or right or east. you're still stuck. even though i can move, i can't go nowhere. >> a foot and a half of snow ripped the metrodome's roof. >> a crane will be used. >> a snowy commute in western
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pennsylvania left drives on edge. >> -- i drivers on edge. of course that bone-chilling weather does seem to be sticking around from the midwest and here along the >> brett favre couldn't overcome his shoulder injury to play against giants last night. he may be put on injured reserve independencing this sand perhaps his storied career. >> the man accused of plotting to blow up an army recruitment center will stay in jail. they say antonio martinez tried to detonate a fake car bomb. his mother said he was set up.
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prosecutors said he came one the car bomb himself. >> baker is forming a task force aimed at avoiding the problem that led to the f.b.i. investigation. >> joined the fight over the removal of a controversial video at the smithsonian. they threatened to withhold funding if it is not returned to the national portrait museum. it was removed following complaints by a catholic group and members of the congress. it has given $375,000 over the past few years to various smithsonian museums. >> millions of holiday packages are on their way to their destination. yesterday was billed as the busiest shipping day of the
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year. ed a fed ex , workers were very busy. fed ex reports its holiday volume was up about 12 million packages. well, just 11 days before christmas if, you were not counting. >> we do have some shopping. if you end up returning or exchanging a holiday gift, there is something you need to know. many stores, particularly electronic stores charge a fee for restocking the device when you return it. it is typically 10% to 25% of the value of that item. >> negotiate. if the box is opened try to negotiate a partial refund. >> many stores don't post their return policies so you don't know until you ask.
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>> 4:49 now and 22 degrees. >> coming up later, the president finds a friendly crowd at northeast elementary school. >> first, a check of traff
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>> it is just about 4:53 this tuesday morning. time for a check of weather and traffic. >> adam woke up this morning to a little bit of snow on the
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ground. a dusting in some locations, especially montgomery county. we could see a few little snow showers through the morning and even tonight again and possibly into tomorrow morning. that weather pattern in december, we get these little brief spurts of snow just enough to make it slippery outside. nothing more than that. germantown, four below with the wind chill. dipping below zero in some locations at time. one little area of snow along 270 around clarksburg, moving to the southeast towards germantown. because of the little coating we have, that dusting, we have to look at the weather advisory. it comes during rush hour and that's why we have the winter weather advisory. frederick, montgomery, anne
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arundel , that is until 9:00 a.m. out west, in blue, that is our wind chill advisory, wind chills could be 10 below. we'll see gusts of 45-50-mile-per-hour winds until 10:00 p.m. scattered light snow showers mainly this morning and again, windy and cold. temperatures only topping out at the the upper 20's. bundle up. that's it for the forecast. let's go back to lisa. >> i'm thinking about everything that you're saying and latching on to every word. you want to do the same. in maryland, in particular, things are very dangerous on the highway. wasn't much snow but just enough to keep it very slippery. the wind gusts are not helping too much because it is just blowing any snow back on the moifment this is what i mean. you can see here how dangerous it is through portions of maryland in particular. i think these cameras kind of
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tell the story. at best, you may get one lane passable not only on the side streets but on the beltway. you lose the right lane completely. this is a picture of traffic in virginia. we're open to all laneses here at the pentagon. just to give you the all-clear. 95, 66 and 395. >> thank you. 4:55 now. 22 degrees. >> you're watching "good
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>> welcome back, everybody. monday president obama signed into law a bill that would make school meals more nutritious and help feed more children. >> it is against child obesity. it was an even bigger event for one columbia heights neighborhood. >> as when the president visits anywhere, the security was intense as was the interest by many of the neighbors. >> i thought i would try to catch a glimpse. >> the first lady at his side, mr. obama signed the bill into law. >> when the kids walk into the lunchroom, wept to be sure they are getting balanced, nutritious meals they need to succeed in the classroom. >> a big boost for michelle
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obama's anti-obesity campaign. >> it was a great experience. it was an honor to sit next to the president. >> the whole school was excited from the principal on down. >> the biggest thrill of our lives for most of us. >> visiting students were talking nutrition. >> our school has healthier lunches noum >> this visitor from bancroft elementary. >> did he shake your hand? >> yeah, i'm leaving my hand unwashed. >> it was a big deal in the neighborhood. >> by the time the president left, the residents were there and many had their cameras weather. >> he smiled at us and waved at us. it was lovely. >> though the president lives in d.c., a presidential visit to a local neighborhood is still unusual enough to be special. who can argue with healthy eating? in northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> what an exciting opportunity for those kids.


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